I know I have said it, preached it, called it, yelled it, posted it, and have nearly lost my voice talking about it. Antisemitism is not going anywhere and guess what, you aren’t going to stop it. It’s really that simple.
According to the latest FBI crime statistics, nearly 58% of religiously motivated hate crimes have been perpetrated towards Jews. What makes that number even more shocking is the fact that Jews only make up 2% of the American population. The data also showed that Jews are the fourth largest target of hate crimes behind anti-black, anti-White, and anti-LGBT attacks.
Yet, most Jews still choose to sit on the sidelines and not take part in defending the Second Amendment. Do you not understand that only 80 years ago in Germany, Hitler made the Jews of Europe register their firearms, which led to confiscation, which led to the Jewish world not be able to defend themselves? History is repeating itself as we see with the many correlating events occurring today in America.
But let’s take a moment to concentrate on getting involved with the Second Amendment. Do you even realize the Second Amendment is under attack? That government employees on every level from your beat cop to the mayor, from the sheriff to the governor, from the city council member to the state senator, and from the congressional representative to the senators, all the way up to the President of the United States, are all itching to strip you of your right to defend yourself.
I got into some hot water last time I posted this but I’m going to post it again because it still rings true. Stop trying to spotlight all the anti-Semitism happening in the world without intent or purpose. Virtue signaling and hashtags don't accomplish anything!
You can lobby every politician. You can pass more anti-hate legislation. You can rally, you can demonstrate, you can protest. You can change your Facebook icon! But what you can’t do is stop antiSemitism. It’s not happening. It’s here to stay.
So, how do we prevent another pregnant mother from being attacked on the street or a Jewish man from being beaten while headed to a synagogue?
Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. If you want peace, prepare for war! Why is that important? Because Jews everywhere are in a war. Yes, A WAR. You may not believe it but open your eyes! It’s happening on our doorsteps…and I’m not talking just about Israel.
In the bible, Jacob prepared for war against his brother. He split his family into two different camps to ensure one would get away if Esav decided to attack. Why was the preparation for war so integral to Jacob even though he had God’s ear? What can we learn?
I pray to God three times a day. In my prayers, I ask that I need not ever pull my firearm for any reason, but I also pray that if I do, let my aim be true. Jacob’s preparation is a lesson for Jews all over the world. Our Forefathers knew and understood the importance of self-preservation and that prayer alone, although paramount, was not and is not the only thing we must do daily to ensure our preservation.
We live in a time of strife and Jews are seeing antisemitism on a level never before witnessed in our generation. It’s time for Jews to learn from our Forefather Jacob and pray every day that we find peace but at the same time be prepared for whatever dangers come our way. That includes purchasing, training, and learning everything you can about firearms.
I mean, seriously, what are you doing to ensure the survival of the Jewish people? If you think changing your icon on social media to “bring awareness” is helping, enjoy doing your part. Pat yourself on the back. If you truly want to fight or slow down antisemitic attacks, you must pray for peace but prepare for war.
We aren’t going to stop antisemitism as I repeatedly stated above. But we can curb it. We can lower those statistics to ensure we are on the low end of the pole. But to do that, you must get involved and understand that the idea of self-preservation is being stripped away from you. YOUR government is trying to take away our God-Given Right to self-defense. People around the country are getting involved and defending the Second Amendment. The one crowd that should be on the forefront of gun rights, the group who should be the loudest, who yells “Never Again” are absent. They are not there, and they must be.
The Jews of America have stuck their heads in the ground, praying that God will come to their rescue. But without doing your part, there is no saving.
I urge American Jews around the country to get involved and pay attention. Organizations like Firearms Policy Coalition, Second Amendment Foundation, and Gun Owners of America are willing to be your voice, but only if you show up. Gun advocates who are fighting daily in defense of the 2A are your friends and are more than willing to stand arm in arm with Jews, but only if they are present and become a show of force.
Your silence is deafening when your voice should be deafening. It’s time to get involved because if you don’t, the phrase “Never Again” will go down as a joke to the world who will say, “Never Again means nothing if you are not willing to do something about it. And they were not willing to do what needed to be done.”

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