Pharoah’s Biggest Mistake Was To Let Us Go And The Second Amendment

This week's Torah portion that Jews worldwide read is called Bo. It's the third chapter in the book of Exodus. In it, we read about the last three plagues God brings down upon the Egyptians, as well as the Exodus of the Jews leaving the land after 210 years of slavery.

The Jews living in Egypt were forced into back-breaking labor and subjected to murder and rape. There was no avenue of escape under the despotic Pharaoh. Plague after plague decimated the land of Egypt, and tyranny still prevailed because of Pharaoh's stubbornness. At long last, after the death of his own firstborn and the loud cries of his people, Pharaoh relented and "let the people go."

We Jews consider the Exodus from Egypt the beginning of our redemption, which came with the freedom of living our life as we saw fit: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with the 10 Commandments as our blueprints.

In America today, we find ourselves, Jew and non-Jew alike, under the rule of a President who has repeatedly stated that our God-given right to self-defense in the form of the Second Amendment will be severely restricted if not eradicated. In other words, the Biden/Harris administration wants to control the populace of America and take away the one thing that makes us free people. They want the government to be in complete control of America's weapons, but the citizenry will have no way to defend themselves. In essence, the government and its different agencies become the overseers of the workers as we attempt to live our lives as free people, like in Egypt.

The Jews of America should be leading the way in combating any
anti-gun laws that Congress proposes. We, the Jews, should know more than anyone what a dictator can do to an unarmed population. We saw it 3000 years ago, and we saw it 80 years ago. Yet so many of us continue to call for abolishing the Second Amendment. Understand this: the twenty-seven words that make up the Second Amendment are what separates freedom from tyranny. With it, we are free. Without it, we once again become enslaved.

Now, more than ever, Jews should embrace the lessons from the 210 years of slavery and the Exodus and realize we live in a country that allows for the God-given right to defend ourselves. Whether Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, Orthodox or Reformed, Jews should remember that Pharoah's biggest mistake was that he let us go, and we as Jews should not just lead the way but also link arms with other freedom-loving Americans and refuse to allow our Second Amendment to be restricted.

Freedom above all else.

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