Advancing The Gun Rights Message Through Children's Education

A dictator and one of his citizens were sitting at a bar the day.  

The citizen asked the dictator:  What happened to freedom of speech in this country? 

The dictator responded: Freedom of speech has always been guaranteed in this country. It is freedom after speech, which we can’t guarantee.  

If you walked up to anyone in the street and asked them if they loved freedom, they would likely say yes.  I don’t know anyone that would say “You know what, freedom is appalling.  We should ban it.”  

The freedoms that we as Americans cherish are under attack by a government that not only refuses to respect the rule of law but forgets its place in the hierarchy of American politics.  We the people, live in a Republic and if we aim to keep it, we must take a stand against those who associate the idea of exceptionalism with everything but America.

You need to understand that we are in the midst of a second civil war.  I can tell you from personal experience that we are witnessing another form of silencing akin to Hitler’s book burnings.  How many people have been “canceled” by keyboard warriors because they deemed a photo or comment offensive?  Look at what Dana Loesch is going through with her new book, Paws of my CannonA book designed to educate children on the Second Amendment. 

Here is the thing, as a Jew, I have some notion on the definition of what it truly means to be free.  My ancestors were murdered.  Over 60 of them.   

Why?  Because of ONE MAN’S belief that my people needed to be exterminated.  75 years later, I have my own own bloodline to defend.  And I encounter people every day that say “it will never happen again” or “we live in a more civilized society now.”  The uptick in anti-Semitic attacks in America makes me believe otherwise.  

But here in our great country, and I’m not talking just about Jews, we have a safeguard in place that we can utilize.  Our Founding Fathers understood that the right to self-defense is a natural right that protects Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  

Thomas Jefferson once said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  Are we there yet?  I hope not... but freedom is never free.  Someone always wants to take it, and someone always must sacrifice for its survival.  

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Famous words we all know by Ronald Regan.  

I have spoken in the past on the need to educate our children on firearms safety.  We all know that taking away the stigma of a firearm will help prevent accidents. But now I ask you this question! Why, from a young age do we teach our children how to properly use firearms?

Most people answer that question withwe will not always be there for our children.”  Accurate answer.  But I ask you another question?  Where does this notion of firearms training come from?  

It stems from 27 simple words.  The Second Amendment is under attack not just from one side of the isle, but from both.  Those who mean to rule us mean to disarm us and we must preserve our Freedom.

We are fighting in the now, hoping for a better tomorrow.  But what happens if we fail in the now?

There is only one answer, and it must be implemented immediately!   If we don’t begin to instill in our kids the value... the sanctity... the NECESSITY of the Second Amendment, why are we teaching them to shoot!  We can take our children to the range as much as we want.  We can train them to become proficient in all types of firearms and styles of shooting.  I encourage you to do that.  But here is the thing!  If we forget to educate our children on the importance of the Second Amendment, we will find ourselves without a free country in the years to come.

The Founding Fathers only needed 27 Words to ensure our survival.  

The future belongs to our children, and I feel like I, as well as others like Dana Loesch, have been called to provide the tools that parents need to begin this process through children’s educational books.  A good friend once told me that your calling is where your talents and your burdens collide.  The burdens of my ancestors fuel my desire to create children’s books that will inspire a love for freedom in those that will carry it forward.  Conservative values and leaders are being thwarted at every turn; speaking engagements denied, social media shadow banning, murderous shootings at softball games and cruel beatings at their homes... we are literally at war for the soul of America and education is our most formidable weapon.  

Without the 27 Words of the Second Amendment, we become Venezuela or Australia.  That is the message children must understand NOW. Children are being taught revisionist history in schools and unless we counter-attack that anti-Constitutional view of the Second Amendment, I fear that our countries future is uncertain.    

Teaching your kids about the importance of the Second Amendment and what it protects is a necessity.  Teach them that they have a responsibility from God to defend themselves and their loved ones. And above all else, teach them that they hail from the greatest nation and not to take their right to bear arms for granted or to relinquish it.

That is why and I truly believe that advancing the gun rights message must begin with our kids.  They are the countries future.   

As Founding Father and signer of the Declaration of Independence Richard Henry Lee famously said, “Whereas, to preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.”

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.  Our independence and sovereignty must come first and above all else.  We must put our money where our mouth is....for freedom.  We must put our vote where our heart is….for freedom. And we must put our knowledge where our children are…..for freedom.  

If we do this consistently, Freedom NOW will be FREEDOM FOREVER.  


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