So this happened today:
I was sitting in a restaurant, facing the door with a buddy from the industry. Through a window, I saw a tall, messy, dirty, and grimy man, walk by and enter the establishment. I figured he was a homeless man looking for something to eat or use the bathroom.
I kept my eye on him though. After waiting by the front door and looking around for 2 minutes, the man walked to the back and entered the bathroom. I notified a staff member, who informed me that this was the second time he came in today. It was clear this man was not all there.
I turned my chair to face towards the direction of the bathroom. The man comes out and the staff member kindly asks him to please vacate the restaurant and that the bathroom is for paying guests only.
The man began to become somewhat erratic. The staff member once again asked the man to leave. At this point, the man says out loud, "West Bank is mine." At that point, I stood up and was preparing for the worst. My buddy stepped up to the guy and also intervened. I placed myself at an angle where collateral damage would not exist if the need arose. The man leaned into my buddy who maintained his composure and informed the man to once again leave the establishment.
At that point, the man was becoming really erratic and yelled, "Gaza," before storming out.
The police were called and everything went back to normal.
There were roughly 50 people in the restaurant. Thankfully, nothing dangerous came from it, and only a few rattled bones.
This world is crazy and you never know when the worst can hit. In these times, especially in Jewish establishments, we must constantly be vigilant, keep our heads on a swivel, and prepare for the worst.
I implore those thinking about purchasing guns and training to do so now! Do not wait because evil will not wait for you.

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