TRANSCRIPT: Yehuda Remer on Jews Needing To Join The 2A Fight


This is a written transcript of my speech from the 2020 Virtual Gun Rights Policy Conference:


“Hitler was a great guy with a great plan.”

 “I love the smell of Zyklon in the morning.”

 “Not enough Jews bit the curb.”

 “This is why I don’t trust kikes.”

These are only a fraction of the messages I receive on a daily basis from individuals around the world who taunt me as I educate like-minded Americans on their Second Amendment rights, especially those in the Jewish communities across the United States.

But the hate is not just aimed at me.  It’s aimed at Jews everywhere.   

History is repeating itself and a vast majority are turning a blind eye.  From New York to California anti-Semitic attacks are becoming common place.  The media barely reports on the shootings, stabbings, and beatings perpetrated on the Jewish communities.

Politicians like Ilan Omar, Rashida Tahlib, and Bill De Blasio show their true colors and don’t even try to hide their blatant anti-Semitism.  

We have celebrities who promote anti-Semitic conspiracy theories without consequence and who are not held accountable for their vitriol. History is repeating itself and the world remains silent.  Because after all, it’s only the Jews.

You must understand that anti-Semitism is here in America.  According to the FBI statistics in 2018, a staggering 57% of hate crimes in the country are against Jews.   

But in the United States, no matter how dangerous it gets for Jews, there are two factors that give us the ability to thrive; freedom loving Americans and more importantly, the Second Amendment.  You see, I go by the moniker The Pew Pew Jew and it’s been one of my goals not only to defend the Second Amendment but strengthen it.  My aim is to educate Jews on their freedoms, especially pertaining to their Second Amendment rights.

The problem is Jews have a reputation of being anti-Gun.  It’s understandable.  While some of the most ardent and vocal gun control proponents tend to be Jewish, they do not represent the Jews of America. 

Understand that many Jews in America are pro-gun and pro-Second Amendment. We understand and appreciate that this great country recognizes the G-d given right for us to be able to defend our lives and liberties through the Second Amendment. And it’s because of that, I’m calling on American Jews who value their freedoms to not only own firearms and learn how to use them properly but to get involved in defending our Second Amendment.

The Jewish people have a rich history of fierce warriors.  From Abraham battling the four kingdoms to King David and the Maccabees to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Jewish history is flush with numerous examples of heroic figures taking up arms against tyranny. Even Jacob, the father of the Jewish people, prepared for battle against a brother who was hell bent on killing him.  We have been warriors since the beginning of time, and we must reclaim that title.  But it takes commitment.   

It’s not enough to be a gun owner.  Without the Second Amendment, the right to defend yourself, your family, or your place of worship, is weakened.  The ability to ensure your freedom vanishes.  There is a reason why America’s Founding Fathers placed the God Given Right to self-defense as the Second amendment and not the third, fourth, tenth, or so on!  Remove the ability for a people to defend themselves or to rise up against tyranny and you create slaves and subjects.

Those who attack and try to abolish the Second Amendment are trying desperately to create an atmosphere that we saw 75 years ago in Germany.  Power and control are their goal.   

To take away our ability to defend ourselves is to take away our life.

That is why Jews need to join the ranks of freedom loving Americans and enter the fight in defending the most important Amendment.  Generally, we are judged for things we do.  But more often than not, we should be judged for things we don’t do.  

We, as American Jews mustn’t stay silent while our natural right to self-defense is stripped away.  Those who choose to sit back and do nothing are complicit to eroding our right to defend ourselves and loved ones.     

America is made up of countless people from all walks of life.  Together, We the People of America, make up what the Second Amendment calls, The Militia. 

I am a Jew.  I am an American.  I am the people. I am the Militia.

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