Time to be David and defeat Goliath!

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in America.  Shootings, stabbings, swastikas, and a Democratic party are the new normal in what once was an incredibly safe country for Jews.  That said, I still believe it is but the issues is this; American Jewry has become exactly what they are described as following the Holocaust.  They are sheep not being led to the slaughter but sheep waiting for the wolves to strike. 

 American Jews do not believe it can happen to them.  They never expect a gunman to storm their synagogue and open fire. They do not expect to be ambushed on the streets and stabbed or beaten.  They do not expect it but it is happening.  But I ask this question to the Jews of America!  When did we become the sheep described for the last 70 years? What happened to us encompassing David vs. Goliath? 

 Jews throughout time have been warriors.  Let’s take a look at some of the battles that Jews fought as well as individuals who were Jewish heroes.

  • Abraham fought off 4 kingdoms with 318 men and was victorious.
  • The Jews fought the Amalakites and were victorious.
  • The campaigns of Joshua (Battle of Jericho)
  • The Macabbe Revolt which ended with a massive Jewish victory.
  • The heroic Sampson.
  • Ehud Ben Gera
  • Mordechai and Esther

You don’t like the biblical ones?  Ok…fine.  Let’s talk about more modern-day Jewish heroes.

  • Mordechai Anielewicz (Leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising)
  • Abba Kovner (Leader of the Vilna Partisans and known as The Avenger).
  • Eli Cohen (Mossad Spy who infiltrated the highest echelons of the Syrian government).
  • Mickey Marcus (American Colonel who helped lead Israel in the 48 War).

There are many more examples of Jews standing up to adversity and not being afraid of a fight.  Some gave their lives while others lived.  But the point is that Jews have a history of being fighters, not sheep. Which brings me to my last point and it’s something I’ve written extensively about. 

It is time for Jews to take up arms.  It is the moment in history when Jews need to fall in line not to the gas chambers but under the banner that reads “I Support the Second Amendment.”  As Josh Hammer of the Daily Wire wrote, “Do not be a victim. Arm yourselves, Jews.”  I second the notion.  It is time to stop believing that it can’t happen to you.  It can happen to you in your synagogue or on your streets. 

Arm yourself.  Train. Become proficient.  Survive.

Never Again Means Nothing If You Are Not Willing To Do Something About It.


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