Time to be David and defeat Goliath!

Well, here we are. Eighty years after the Holocaust and the words Never Again are just beginning to have meaning. Jews have been using the phrase since 1945, but have they ever done anything with it? 




With the war in Israel raging, we are seeing antisemitism on a global level we have never seen before. Jews are being hunted in airports, swastikas painted on buildings and sidewalks, and rallies around the world standing in solidarity with Hamas. This terrorist organization enjoys beheading babies, raping women, and putting bodies in ovens. Let's not forget a Democrat Party that condones antisemitic views is the new norm in what once was an incredibly safe country for Jews. 


Despite the evil we see, it is apparent to me that American Jewry, as a whole, became "sheep" waiting to be led to the slaughter. But now, the wolves are striking. 


Unfortunately, many American Jews believe that crimes committed in the name of antisemitism are unthinkable and will not, CANNOT happen to them. They never expect a gunman to storm their synagogue. They don't expect to be ambushed on the streets and shot, stabbed, or beaten. So, I ask this question to the Jews of America who think this way: when did we become sheep? What happened to our David vs. Goliath mentality?  

Jews throughout time have been warriors. The Torah is full of stories of Jews who were willing to take up arms against Jew-haters. Let's look at some of the battles that Jews fought, as well as individuals who were Jewish heroes.

  • Abraham fought off four kingdoms with 318 men and was victorious.
  • The Jews fought the Amalakites and were victorious.
  • The campaigns of Joshua (Battle of Jericho).
  • The Maccabee Revolt ended with a massive Jewish victory.
  • The heroic Sampson.
  • Ehud Ben Gera
  • Mordechai and Esther

You don't like the biblical ones? Okay, fine. Let's talk about more modern-day Jewish heroes.

  • Mordechai Anielewicz (Leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising)
  • Abba Kovner (Leader of the Vilna Partisans and known as The Avenger).
  • Eli Cohen (Mossad Spy who infiltrated the highest echelons of the Syrian government).
  • Mickey Marcus (American Colonel who helped lead Israel in the '48 war).

Numerous examples exist of Jews standing up to adversity and not being afraid of a fight. Some gave their lives, while others lived. But the point is that Jews have a history of being fierce warriors, not sheep.

In one month, we Jews will be celebrating Hanukkah. But, news flash: Hanukkah is not just a holiday about presents, oil, dreidels, and latkes. Those traditions are a cherry on top of what we should be celebrating. Hanukkah is a holiday about Freedom. It marks a time in our history when we accomplished a magnificent feat. It is the remembrance of the triumph of a tiny band of freedom fighters who won our Land and Freedom of a much larger and highly trained military. 

In other words, we defeated antisemitism. We took up arms against people oppressing and wishing us harm. 

It is time for Jews not just to take up arms (which has exploded in the last three weeks). It's time that Jews fall in line, not to the gas chambers but under the banner that reads "I Support the Second Amendment." It's time to embrace and take advantage of the Freedom and the Right enshrined in the Second Amendment. That means getting involved in defense of the 2A. Attend rallies, donate money to 2A rights organizations, and stop being afraid to talk about gun ownership. Purchasing a firearm, learning to use it, and training with it will help ensure you and your family or community are safe. Do not rely on the police or government to protect you. Do not rely on the security guard standing in front of your synagogue. You are your first line of defense and guardian. 

Lastly, it is time to stop believing it can't happen to you. It can happen to you in your synagogue, on the streets, or in your local market.   

Arm yourself. Train. Become proficient. Survive.

"Never Again" Means Nothing If You Are Not Willing To Do Something About It.

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