Fenix Ammunition Rises Against Antisemitism!


Working in an industry where many of the individuals and companies are good people is reassuring. While there is a healthy competition in the firearms industry, most of the time, people have each other’s back. What is great about that are those moments when your hard work pays off and companies recognize the work you have done. However, recognition is one thing. Having a company throw their support behind you, well, that is a whole different ballgame.  

Many of you reading this know that I created a brand called The Pew Pew Jew.  The focus behind my brand is to educate Americans on their Second Amendment rights (including children) but with a focus on Jewish firearms ownership.  The country has seen an uptick in antisemitic attacks from murders and beatings in New York to hostage situations in Texas, to more attacks in California.  Many Jews now have the urge to begin their journey into the world of firearms.  Be it, ownership, training, or just being comfortable around firearms. 

Now, in conjunction with Black Tie Guns and C.A.C. Tactical, both Jewish owned FFLs in Texas, a series of firearms training events are scheduled to educate those Jews who are ready to take up their personal defense. We all know ammo is expensive and for a group of 15-20 people shooting, the cost could be high.  That is why I want to publicly thank Fenix Ammunition. 


Fenix Ammunition has stepped up to help battle antisemitism and has become an ammo sponsor to the first batch of training events.  With Fenix Ammunition’s generous sponsorship, we were able to keep the event free of charge to those Jews who wished to attend as well as those in the future.

Of course, Fenix is not the only ones who stepped up big.  Proactive Defense in Northlake, Tx  donated their training range for our group to use.  On top of that, a special thank you to Brad and Justin, two fantastic firearms instructors who donated their Sunday afternoon to ensure that our attendees not only were provided with the gun safety basics but also great instruction on how to shoot properly. 

I, as well as the Black Tie Guns and C.A.C. Tactical, all have one goal in common.  To make sure that Never Again actually means something.  That it’s not just lip service.  As I have written before, Jews getting familiarized with firearms need to understand that with ownership comes the responsibility of training. Without the proper training, you become more of a detriment to yourself and others around you.  

Left to Right: The Pew Pew Jew, CAC Tactical, Black Tie Guns

As I wrote earlier, there are companies that recognize your work and then there are companies who actively support your work. That is a big difference.

So, I want to once again thank Fenix Ammunition for their support in my personal mission of educating Jews on their 2A rights but more than that, for their support in fighting against antisemitism.

I am forever grateful.


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