Ammunition To Go Steps Up Big

Being in an industry where a majority of people are good people is reassuring. There are those moments when your hard work does pay off and people begin to recognize you for the work you have done. But recognition is one thing. Having a company both recognize and support you, well, that is truly humbling.  

A few weeks ago, a representative from reached out to me and offered me an opportunity. Would I be willing to write a little something if they sent me some ammo! “Well, sure but here is the thing,” I told him. “I am not a reviewer. I rarely do them because there are a million other people who can do a better job.”

I was honest straight up and honest because, yes, more ammo is always nice, but not if I have to lie to get it. Well, Ammunition To Go got back to me and told me that not only do they support my mission and what I am trying to accomplish by fighting back against anti-Semitism and educating Jews on their 2A rights, they also want to support The Pew Pew Jew brand and help further my training. As I have written before, Jews getting their firearms need to understand that with ownership comes the responsibility of training. Without the proper training, you become more of a detriment to yourself and others around you.  

There are companies that recognize and companies who support. That is a big difference. This little article is a thank you message to the folks at Ammunition To Go who believe in me and what I am trying to accomplish.  

Thank you ATG for your support. I am forever grateful.

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